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Landing Pages


A Landing Page Is The Best Tool
To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Essentially a landing page is a single-page website designed for the purpose of streamlining your sales funnel and minimizing your bounce rate. Landing pages pitch one specific product to your target audience, blocking the unnecessary distractions and maximizing your conversion rate.

At uInteractive we have developed a simple and concise formula that allows us to increase your sales and to form a growing network of fans around your brand. Our landing pages are crafted by a team of skilled experts to move your clients through your sales funnel in a smooth, stable flow.

Client Base Expansion
Conversion Growth
Automated Tracking
Real Time Updates

Why Does My Company Need A Landing Page?

Selling all of your products and services on a single resource isn’t the best idea. Changing a single detail on your website could increase the conversion rate for one demographic group, but have a negative impact on another. Landing pages are the perfect tool to prevent this from happening and to keep your traffic data organized and consistent. Besides that, landing pages are the perfect way to pitch an enticing and credible offer that is guaranteed to attract active buyers. 

Grow Your Sales And Make
The Most Of Your Landing Page

Landing pages that target their audience using PPC marketing are usually designed to close sales on the spot. They do so by containing the perfect offer, as well as the discounts, bonuses and other kinds of deal-closing propositions. PPC marketing is also an optimal option in case you are targeting multiple narrow demographics because this allows you to drive traffic to multiple landing pages, oriented on different audiences.

 We use a wide range of tools, including Google’s Website Optimizer to perform A/B testing for your landing pages. This is when we test multiple versions of a single page to identify the most effective one that converts the maximum amount of visitors.


Create The Hype And Form
A Crowd Around Your Brand

SMM has proven to be a powerful traffic channel for landing pages that are designed to engage with their users. If your page contains interesting blog posts, useful resources that can be referenced later, or trending industry news, it can start a viral wave around your brand in the targeted online communities. 

You will have a higher chance for them to bookmark and promote your page. Since your site is now being linked and re-linked, your visitor traffic will raise dramatically. The goal of the landing pages that are being promoted on social media is not to increase your conversion rate but rather to build the hype around your brand and boost your company’s follower base.

Get New Clients Effortlessly

Let uInteractive bring your company tons of leads and watch the stream of new paying costumers flow seamlessly through our custom designed landing pages straight into your sales funnel.