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uInteractive offers customized digital strategies specifically designed with your brand and target audience in mind. Our team is motivated by vision and innovation, utilizing a cross-platform approach to tell your unique story.

When it comes to achieving meaningful results, the answer is different for every company. That’s why we provide a strategic approach that will drive relevant traffic to your business. Through the digital expertise of our team we will analyze every aspect of your industry, creating a clear roadmap to success.


Here Is Everything We Do For You

  • Conversion Tracking
    Conversion tracking will report back to you when your visitor takes an action that leads them to where you want them to go. These actions could lead your visitor to a landing page or filling out a form requesting further information.
  • GEO Targeting
    If you are looking to target specific consumers based on location, we can definitely help you with that. We can set your reach to include entire cities or states or narrow it down to target specific neighborhoods.
  • Competitive Research
    Understanding your competition will give you a distinct advantage in how you move forward with your campaign. We have access to all your competitor's stats and numbers, allowing our team to create a specific roadmap for success.
  • Ad Creation
    PPC ads come in a variety of different types and styles and understanding the difference can have a big impact on conversion. There are text ads, graphic ads, animated ads and video ads. Our experts will develop the best type of ad for your targeted audience.
  • Call Tracking
    Call Tracking is a systematic tool that identifies the people who contact you as a result of your campaign, giving clarity to your results. Call tracking allows you to optimize your keywords so your campaign performs at its best.
  • Ad Extensions
    Get more bang for your buck! Ad extensions are the extra bells and whistles you see on the ads; such as: location, products, sitelinks, phone numbers, offers and more. They are used as extra bits of relevant information in a text ad.


uInteractive specializes in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising management to increase traffic to your site and improve ROI.

Being in the right place at the right time has never been so relevant. The fastest way to jump to the top of Google search results is to utilize paid search advertising. Whether it be Pay Per Click advertising or Display Advertising, we’ve got you covered. We target users based on demographics, interests and typed keywords while incorporating state of the are testing and tracking.
per month
  • Keyword Research
  • Custom Written Ads
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Custom Goal Tracking
  • Call Activity Dashboard
  • Call Recording (Per Request)
  • Custom Pop-Up Banner
  • Account Optimization
  • Account Reporting (Monthly)


PPC advertising is an important element of your overall digital strategy. When utilized correctly it is an effective way to increase exposure quickly. Our PPC Management team is highly experienced and qualified to providing quality and highly effective PPC campaigns.

  • Improve Campaign Ad Performance
  • Improve Ad Position
  • Increase ROI
  • Decrease Costs or CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
  • Reduce Management Cost
  • Increase Clicks
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